We are Italian. We are former professional soccer players and we are now involved in high-end catering and restaurant business for almost two decades now. We are a professional food service company with an established repute in the Italian catering industry. Well recognized for our quality and impeccable service. Quality of raw materials, quality of their processing and quality in the presentation. A refined Italian cuisine but mainly an innovative Italian cuisine with influences coming from all over the world. We are genuine Neapolitan pizza’s consultants and restaurants developers for several food leading companies. Our staff, built over the last ten years, comes from varied experiences around the globe that brought innovation to the traditional Italian food. We revisited it and sometimes rediscovered it, looking for local small suppliers, in terms of size, but immense in terms of product’s quality. The cuisine of “Dieci” is thus an high-end fusion cuisine which is inspired by the Italian tradition and influenced by tastes and raw materials from the rest of the world.