The original idea behind “Dieci” was very simple: creating a one-of-a-kind entertainment that we simply call “Food-ball Entertainment”. And this merges together two pure passions. Passion for football. And passion for the Italian food.  The restaurant at Dieci is the place where these pure passions come to life. In Dieci’s restaurant we simply present high-quality products from Italy and the best products from our host country and city. We serve straightforward, simple food, for those who want to experience authentic Italian cuisine influenced by flavors and raw materials from around the world. We believe that with a few, high-quality ingredients it is possible to prepare great-tasting and satisfying dishes. From the full-service restaurants to casual dining and quick-service counters for those on-the-go, at Dieci eating is simple. But the restaurant at Dieci is also the place where passion for football finds its outburst through the world largest football memorabilia exhibition in the world. Displayed in modern frames and glazed displays around the restaurant, they tell about the history of the most loved sport in the world, featuring a stylish and modern decor with a touch of Italian design and hi-tech details. Passion at Dieci’s restaurant can be seen, touched, felt and sensed. It can’t be patented but it can’t duplicated. A new recognizable hospitality brand has born.