Messi Walk Away


“It’s over, I walk away from the Seleccion Argentina”. This is what Leo Messi said after the Copa America Centenario final lost against Chile.
Before leaving the MetLife Stadium Leo confirmed his intentions to quit the Seleccion after he lost four finals, including Copa America and World Cup finals.
This is a terrible new for all of the football fans and could be even worse for his sponsors, considering that Leo is actually the second most paid testimonial athlete in the world and considering that Fifa World Cup “Russia 2018” will be on in less than two years.
And Adidas his Leo personal sponsor and it’s FIFA official sponsor and supplier even after the FIFA gate.
So considering that “Messi” brand is estimated 160 Million Euro and his annual personal revenue is actually 71,7 Million Euro we don’t think that he will be able to take this kind of decision in a such a short time and without any pressures from sponsors.
Only time will tell the truth.