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Heber Lopes commanded a lot of attention during the Copa America Centenario final, dishing out nine bookings and sending Marcelo Diaz and Marcos Rojo for an early bath. But did he book another couple of experienced ball jugglers?
Argentinean news outlet Noticias have shared pictures of a bloke who looks suspiciously like the Brazilian official, enjoying a pint on a plastic coated bed and a spread legged sat on a armchair while a pair of women who have lost their knickers drape themselves all over him.
Has a man ever looked more triumphant, despite resembling a long lost Mitchell brother? His look is less Brazilian and more ‘East End, used car dealer who likes wearing vests, smoking his own body weight in cigs and calling women ‘dippy tarts’’.
A video of the threesome’s bedroom gymnastics has also been leaked online but, quite frankly, I could do without seeing the a bloke who looks like he failed an audition for a Right Said Fred tribute act flap his arse up and down like a fiddler’s elbow.
Is it Mr Lopes though? Here’s a picture of the man himself in action (not that sort of action, you fucking deviants):
Can’t help but feel like the only way to prove if the man in the photos is indeed Lopes is to discover whether he booked the two women for removing their tops, waved play on for any ‘ball to hand’ decisions and made them swap ends at half time. His whistle must be worn the fuck out.
UPDATE: The man in the photos has now been revealed as Paraguayan drug trafficker Jorge Rafaat Toumani, who was killed in an ambush, earlier this month.