Definitely the place that football fans love more. Sippin’ cocktails and watching live football games with a wide range of Italian street-food made on site. Every game from every place in the world is shown live at the “Foot-Bar”. But it is also the house of Dieci’s football boots collection: the world largest player’s match worn boots collection in the world. From Maradona to Cristiano Ronaldo, more than one thousand pairs of match worn football boots to tell about the history of this sport from 60’s to nowadays. An authentic fan’s arena where fans can drink, sing and shout like they were right to the stadium’s bleachers. And don’t miss the daily “Aperitivo Italiano” starting from 5pm. The most magical hour (or maybe two) of the day in Italy. More than just a drink, the “aperitivo” is a moment of the day, a recurrent feature of the daily or weekly life in Italy. Much more than a simple drink. It’s made of music, it’s made of fun, it’s made of Italy.  Along with Sunday football games  it is the quintessential of cultural expression of Italy. Ready to start?