Computer games, as a fact, became a part of modern lifestyle and there are very few people in civilized world that could imagine common life without them. And cybersport came into the life of gamers. That, which began as a friend party somewhere in a basement has grown into a whole industry. Industry, which provides emotions and entertainment. Industry that grows with every passing year, bringing in not only new players but also big moneybags. What you see at “Dieci” is a diversified selection of experiences curated for a variety of visitors and offers adults and kids new ways to play. Beside the entertainment experiences that we saw before and beside the “Challenge Arena” that offers multiple soccer-themed games and technologies there is the “E-Arena”. The “E-Arena” is the celebration of gaming and innovation together. It features private “FIFA EXCLUSIVES SUITES” with 10’X10’ LED screens where guests can play and challenge friends in private rooms with full-size “FIFA 2020″ figures on screens, chilling and sipping cocktails, sharing finger’s food.  They can share a moment captured during the game on social media through the “Dieci Live Photo” technology that steadily takes videos and pictures of   the players and allow immediate social media sharing. It also includes an e-sports gaming area, with “FIFA 2020” stations, designed for daily game play and competitive gaming tournaments and a series of interactive and immersive gaming and entertainment e-sports experiences.