“Dolce” is the Italian pastry shop inside “Dieci” that offers daily hand made Italian pastries, Italian gelato, hot and cold drinks. A small corner where clients can sip and enjoy the authentic “Italian aroma” with a wide selection of coffees and Italian sweeties. The whole baking process and the preparation area are visible on site. The “Gelato Italiano” is a must at “Dolce”. And we are not talking about ice cream. We are talking about the authentic “gelato italiano”,  the lighter and tastier Italian craft version of ice cream, made with natural and fresh ingredients. But Italy has got much more to offer those with a sweet tooth. From rich cakes to small bites, from the creamy and energetic tiramisù to the indulgent cannoli siciliani, here’s a selection of the country’s most appreciated desserts. And the real Espresso, which is one of the most successful symbols of “made in Italy” worldwide, is served using a qualified coffee blend, qualified machine and grinder dispenser and served by qualified personnel. Things that merged together make that “aroma” so special.