“Challenge Arena”

The “Challenge Arena” is an interactive area of “Dieci” where customers can test their football skill. It features 2vs2 and 5vs5 laser marked street soccer fields, table soccer and Subbuteo’s tables, soccer-pool tables, FootGolf courses, human table soccer fields and a soccer darts board. The “Challenge Arena” is also the home of the “Gianluig1 Buffon Experience”. The “Gianluig1 Buffon Experience” is the most innovative football electronic goalkeeper module in the world. Customers have the chance to kick penalties against Gianluigi Buffon. The penalty mark is about 9 meters from the goal, leaving only 0.3 seconds to bring the goalie, which is attached to a high performance gear mechanism, into the right position. The “Gianluig1 Buffon Experience” hereby accelerates 17 times faster than a Formula 1 racing car. Even professional football players have had to experience, how hard it is to score against him. The “Challenge Arena” is also the place where the annual Dieci’s “Legends Game” takes place, a charity event that aims to raise money for the “Dieci Foundation” through the legend’s street-soccer game, the gala dinner and its memorabilia’s auction. In order to play the “Legends Game” players must have won at least one between the World Cup, the Champions League or the “Ballon d’Or”.

“Gianluig1 Buffon Experience” amateur level with kids

“Gianluig1 Buffon Experience” professional level with Lionel Messi