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To celebrate the “Euro 2016” the Italian beer “Birra Moretti” launched a very special set of bottles called “Campioni col Baffo” (Champions with the Mustache) dedicated to seven ex football legends from Italy.
During the whole competition, the traditional mustache’s logo on beer’s bottles will be changed with these seven faces with mustache. Players involved are the Italian legends Stefano Tacconi (F.C. Juventus and Italian National team) – Giuseppe Bergomi (F.C. Internazionale and World Champion in 1982) – Franco Causio (F.C. Juventus and Italian National team) – Renato Zaccarelli (Torino Calcio) – Sandro Mazzola (F.C. Internazionale and Italian National team and son of the great Valentino Mazzola of “grande Torino”) – Pietro Paolo Virdis (A.C. Milan) – Roberto Pruzzo (A.S. Roma).
This set is already sold out mostly everywhere, so an amazing and efficient marketing deal.