“Mission 10”

Passions for football and for the Italian food are undoubtedly two driving motors of the entertainment economy globally. “Dieci” is a sophisticated Italian cuisine with influences from around the world. But “Dieci” is also the world biggest collection of football memorabilia worn by the greatest players of football’s history. Blended together they create a one-of-a-kind entertainment that we simply call “Food-ball Entertainment”.

FoodBall Entertainment”

The “FoodBall Entertainment” is the result of the experiences lived by the consumer inside “Dieci”. A place that combines an experience for the palate, through an accurate and high-quality cuisine, and a visual and emotional experience provided by the history of football of the last 60 years, told through the jerseys and the boots worn by the greatest contemporary football players. A double entertainment in the same place. Eating at “Dieci” does not mean simply having a meal. In particular nowhere in the world you can find such an exhibition. All the existing structures, museums, for instance, that represent an important part of the football team financial revenues, are de facto mono-thematic structures involving only the supporters of a particular team. They only retrace the entire history of the team they treat. From its origins to the present day. Something that is not always received with enthusiasm by youngsters. While “Dieci” tells instead about all modern football. Idolized by children and adults. “Dieci” is the place where Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, Brazil and Argentina, Boca Junior and River Plate collectibles compete under the same roof for the primacy of number of selfies taken by visitors and it makes “Dieci” attractive for a wider audience than any other similar existing concept. But “Dieci” is also about “eating Italian”. But in a different way. A “fusion cuisine” inspired by the Italian tradition and influenced by flavors and raw materials from around the world. These two things merged together make the “FoodBall Entertainment” that makes Dieci so different and special.


It must first be said that nowadays restaurants are conceived primarily for the quality of food as well as, of course, service. Today, more than ever, it’s so important to pay particular attention to the seek for quality products. An increasingly demanding market, together with the constant development of technology and portals on which opinions on restaurants are exchanged, can’t forget about the quality and speed of the service and the high quality of food offered. Dieci’s cuisine finds its origins in the Italian tradition. And it could not be otherwise, having regards to the origins of our company; not so much for its geographic origin, even though the Langhe is a unique territory in the gastronomic world scene and a Unesco world heritage site, as for the dedication to study, to research and development that our company has shown over the past decade. We have been working in high-quality catering for over a decade. Quality of raw materials, quality of their processing and quality in their presentation. A refined cuisine in its presentations and that in terms of quality of its products and of its flavors is second to none. But mainly an innovative cuisine. One demonstration of this is the fact that our company is a consultant for the development of certain products, such as for example the genuine Neapolitan pizza, for several world-leading companies. The staff that we have created in these years is a staff stemming from varied experiences developed throughout the world, and that has brought innovation to the traditional Italian food. Revisiting it and sometimes even rediscovering it. Searching out small suppliers in terms of size, but immense in terms of product quality. And nowadays the structures identified by the high quality of their products are the ones that, in a difficult economic time for the entire world economy, have paradoxically increased their turnover, despite having on average higher prices than normal and this in whatever area of the restaurant industry they work in. From traditional restaurants to catering service, passing through the resale of products “over the counter”, the choice of product quality has been the only constant that has guaranteed a certain level of results. The encounter of Italian cuisine and the different tastes and flavors from around the world that influence it is precisely what generates a highly innovative end result.

“Eating Italian”

“Dieci” is about eating Italian, but not it’s not just about Italian food. That “Italian” way of indulging at the table is the result of the extent to which Italians enjoy excellent Mediterranean cuisine combined with Italy’s food and wine culture and history, the easy reproduction of many dishes of poor origin, along with many positive influences that Italian cuisine has gained from abroad over history. “Dieci”’s goal is to demonstrate that high-quality products can be made available to everyone: easy to find and at affordable prices. But that’s not all. pppppppppppp

“Eating Italian”

“Dieci” wants to show faces, production methods and stories of people and companies that make the best Italian high quality food and wines. Our products, based on authentic Italian tradition with a touch of modern style and with international influences will include a diverse selection of food. From authentic Italian “pasta” to the finest-cuts of meat, and fresh seafood to organic fruits and vegetables. We offer our customers an authentic Italian dining experience unlike any other. But beside the classic cuisine, we have a wide range of exclusive products served.

[Real Neapolitan Pizza]

We were honored with AVPN (Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana) membership. Quality raw materials, proper wood oven, correct 24hrs dough leavening and correct baking time are the keys for a successful “pizza napoletana”. With eight different of leavenings we serve one of the widest pizza’s selection worldwide. As we say “La pizza è una cosa importante” (Pizza is such an important thing).


Hot or cold. Fried or baked. Sweet or salt. An amazing journey through all of Italy’s regions. From North to South, discovering the most traditional local recipes through a one-of-a-kind  selection of street and finger food. The World famous “Cuoppo Napoletano” together with the “Olive Ascolane” and the Sicilian hand-made “Arancini al Ragù” take the authentic taste directly from the Italian alleys.

[Italian Pastry]

Awide range of traditional specialities like cornetti and panettoni, chocolates and cookies, cakes, including Sicilian sweeties like “cassate” and “cannoli” and Neapolitan ones like “zeppole di San Giuseppe” and “babà” is our daily selection at Dieci’s pastry. Together with the authentic “italian aroma” of our original “espresso”. To eat on site or to take away. Italy is just around the corner.


The “Gelato Italiano” is not a simple ice cream. The “Gelato Italiano” is a brand itself that it can’t be confused with anything else. Fresh fruits and fresh milk. Cage free eggs. Sorbets with 50% fruit minimum, clean water and white cane sugar. No artificial colorings, aromas, preservatives or emulsifiers. Our gelato gets its taste and colour from the raw materials we use, depending on season’s availability.


“Dieci”’s collection is the world biggest football memorabilia’s collection with more than 8000 collectibles between match worn shirts, match worn boots and personal owned trophies by the best football players of the last 60 years. The collection also includes World Cup posters, tickets, match used balls, posters, artworks, photos, books, official programs, magazines, and sticker albums. We own one of the biggest football pictures and video’s database that makes a one-of-a-kind entertainment for visitors. All of our collectibles are authentic, guaranteed and different from regular shop’s items. Indeed player’s items are always different from items sold to the public. “Dieci” doesn’t carry fan merchandising in its collection and this the reason why it is such a unique collection. Discover collection…


“Dolce” is the sweet corner of “Dieci” where guests can enjoy authentic Italian coffees and sweeties. Daily hand made Italian pastries, with the whole baking process visible on site and the real Italian “espresso” make this corner inside “Dieci” the place to taste the authentic Italian “aroma”. “Dolce” is like your second home for breakfast or just for a sweet break. A cosy friendly environment. With an exclusive area dedicated to “home baristas” with recipes, tips and advices to make their job behind the counter even better. Coffee is an undeniable everyday pleasure and the type we prefer tells a lot about our personality and our habits. Short, ristretto or lungo?…Read more

“Challenge Arena”

The “Challenge Arena” is an interactive area of “Dieci” where customers and visitors can challenge each other and testing their football skill, playing different soccer-themed games and latest interactive soccer technologies. The “Challenge Area” includes 2vs2 and 5vs5 laser marked street soccer fields, table soccer and Subbuteo’s tables, soccer-pool tables, footgolf courses and soccer darts board and it is the home of the “Gianluigi Buffon Experience”…Read more

The “E-Arena”

The “E-Arena” is the celebration of gaming and innovation together. What customers find in the Dieci “E-Arena” is a diversified selection of experiences curated for a variety of visitors and offers adults new ways to play. It features private EA “FIFA EXCLUSIVE SUITES” with 10’X10′ LED screens, private couches, private bars to play in a way that was never seen before with full-size “Fifa 2020” players. The “E-Arena” also features a series of interactive and immersive gaming and entertainment experiences… Read more…

“Aperitivo Italiano”

The “Aperitivo Italiano” is the most magical hour (or maybe two) of the day in Italy. More than just a drink, the “aperitivo” is a moment of the day, a recurrent feature of the daily or weekly life in Italy. Much more than a simple drink. It’s made of music, it’s made of fun, it’s made of Italy. Everyday the authentic “aperitivo italiano” takes place at the”Foot-Bar” from 5pm. Along with Sunday football games  it is the quintessential of cultural expression of Italy. Ready to start?…Read more…

“Next Opening”

“Welcome to Fabulous (Dieci) Las Vegas”. Las Vegas is the largest city in the state of Nevada, home to over 596,000 residents. It is one of the top U.S. tourist destinations for domestic and international travels, with nearly 40 million people visiting the city last year. Along with Chicago and Orlando, Las Vegas is one of the top 3 destinations for conventions, business, and meetings in the United States. In 2018, over 24,000 conventions and meetings were held in Las Vegas, with attendance approaching 7 million. In terms of accommodations, hospitality amenities, nightlife, entertainment, and fine dining, Las Vegas has very few peers. Fifteen of the twenty-five largest hotels in the world are located in Las Vegas, specifically, on the Las Vegas Strip. Its 152,000+ hotel rooms gives Las Vegas the top ranking for rooms in the United States, exceeding its nearest competitor (Orlando with 144,125) by more than 5%.
More than 41% of the total inventory of rooms is located on the Strip. Along with New York, Las Vegas has the most AAA Five-Diamond issued hotels in the United States with eight. Outside of Chicago and New York, Las Vegas has the most AAA Five-Diamond restaurants in the nation with four.
Due its tourist appeal, Las Vegas is the natural destination for “Dieci”.